TB and Leprosy Unit

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide. About one quarter of Vanuatu’s population is infected with tuberculosis (TB) bacteria. Only a small proportion of those infected will become sick with TB. People with weakened immune systems have a much greater risk of falling ill from TB

Summary of Services

The key functions of the National TB program under routine conditions are:

  • defining the National TB strategy
  • Establish and update national technical policies and guidelines on TB case detection and treatment for health facilities and laboratories.
  • planning and evaluation of the NTP activities, including preparation of budgets and action plans
  • Ensuring that a high priority is given to the NTP by allocation of adequate financial, human and material resources and coordination with TB laboratories and overseas reference laboratory.
  • Ensuring a continuous supply of MDTs, anti-TB drugs, laboratory reagents and equipment, etc.
  • Supervision and capacity building of health workers
  • Evaluation of TB quarterly reports and treatment outcomes
  • Ensuring that new Leprosy cases are registered and treated according to national guideline
  • Routine reporting internally and externally


  • Provide early rapid and quality diagnosis of TB, MDR-TB, TB/DM and TB/HIV with specific focus on screening and diagnosis in selected and prioritized hard to reach, Vulnerable groups across the country
  • Sustain high quality treatment for all forms of TB including drug-resistant TB and HIV related TB with patient and community support
  • Prevent TB through diagnosis and treatment of latent TB infection for high risk groups and scaling up of infection control measures

Means of Service Delivery

  • Conduct National TB program review and planning meeting
  • Finalisation of the National Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis Control Programme 2016-2020
  • Finalisation of the revised National Tuberculosis Control Program Guidelines for Programmatic Management of Tuberculosis
  • Organise capacity building workshops for TB program officers including laboratory
  • Organise awareness and capacity building workshops with civil society (CSO), faith base (FBO) and Non-Government (NGO) organisations
  • Conduct routine supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation activities

Working Hours

Office Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM

Hospital/Emergency: 24/7


Ministry of Health Office

Phone: +(678) 22512 / +(678) 33080
VOIP: 2050

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