TB and Leprosy Unit

Tuberculosis and Leprosy Unit

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide. About one quarter of Vanuatu’s population is infected with tuberculosis (TB) bacteria. Only a small proportion of those infected will become sick with TB. People with weakened immune systems have a much greater risk of falling ill from TB

Summary of Services

The key functions of the National TB program under routine conditions are:

  • defining the National TB strategy
  • Establish and update national technical policies and guidelines on TB case detection and treatment for health facilities and laboratories.
  • planning and evaluation of the NTP activities, including preparation of budgets and action plans
  • Ensuring that a high priority is given to the NTP by allocation of adequate financial, human and material resources and coordination with TB laboratories and overseas reference laboratory.
  • Ensuring a continuous supply of MDTs, anti-TB drugs, laboratory reagents and equipment, etc.
  • Supervision and capacity building of health workers
  • Evaluation of TB quarterly reports and treatment outcomes
  • Ensuring that new Leprosy cases are registered and treated according to national guideline
  • Routine reporting internally and externally


  • Provide early rapid and quality diagnosis of TB, MDR-TB, TB/DM and TB/HIV with specific focus on screening and diagnosis in selected and prioritized hard to reach, Vulnerable groups across the country
  • Sustain high quality treatment for all forms of TB including drug-resistant TB and HIV related TB with patient and community support
  • Prevent TB through diagnosis and treatment of latent TB infection for high risk groups and scaling up of infection control measures

Means of Service Delivery

  • Conduct National TB program review and planning meeting
  • Finalisation of the National Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis Control Programme 2016-2020
  • Finalisation of the revised National Tuberculosis Control Program Guidelines for Programmatic Management of Tuberculosis
  • Organise capacity building workshops for TB program officers including laboratory
  • Organise awareness and capacity building workshops with civil society (CSO), faith base (FBO) and Non-Government (NGO) organisations
  • Conduct routine supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation activities

Working Hours

Office Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM

Hospital/Emergency: 24/7


Ministry of Health Office

Phone: +(678) 22512 / +(678) 33080
VOIP: 2050

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