Health Policies

Health Policies

  Vanuatu Food Safety, Security & Nutrition Policy 2022-2030

  Vanuatu Non - Communicable Disease Policy & Strategic Plan 2021-2030

  Vanuatu Mental Health Policy & Strategic Plan 2021-2030

  AID Management Policy

  Environmental Health Policy 2012-2016-Final

  Health Sector Policy 2009-Final

  Medical Equipment Donor Policy 2013-Final

  Ministry of Health Policy 2016-Final

  Ministry of Health Policy

  National Policy and Strategy for Healthy Islands ver2 2011-2015-Final

  NCD policy 2016-2020-Final

  Oral Health Policy 2019-2023-Final

  Role Delineation Policy-Final

  Sanitation and Hygiene policy-Final

  Vanuatu Mental Health Policy and Strategic Plan 2016-2020

  Vanuatu MOH National Referral Policy-FINAL

  Vanuatu National Child Protection Policy 2016-2026 Final

  Vanuatu National Medicines Policy 2015-2020 Final

Health Plans

  Final Workforce Development Plan MoH

  Health Cluster Strategic Plan 2015

  MOH Clinical Service Plan 2019 Final

  National Malaria Strategic Plan 2015-2020 Final

  Strategic Plan 2016-2020 Final

  UNICEF Primary Health Care and Referral Hospital Planning Guide 2005 Final

  Vanuatu 2030 The Peoples Plan - National Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2030

  Vanuatu HIS Strategic Plan 2016-2020 Final

  Workforce Development Plan MoH 2019-2025 Final

  Moneypox Health Sector Preparedness and Response Plan 2022

  Ministry of Health Corporate Plan 2022-2025

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