EPI Unit

Results Achieved in 2017

  • Administrative Coverage show improvement of compare to last year. The coverage of Penta 3 is reached 93.9% and MR Vaccine is at 88.0%, however this is still temporary because EPI unit still validating the data.
  • No vaccine stock-outs reported at national level. This achieved through continuous improved of vaccine forecasting and stock management at the National vaccine storage
  • With the support of UNICEF, 2 rounds of outreach funds channelled to the Ministry of Health (MOH) to fund the immunization outreach conducted by nurses at the health centers and dispensaries in 6 provinces. 88 nurses working at 88 health facilities (70%) receive the fund in the first round and 86 nurses from 86 health facilities (68%) received it in the 2nd
  • All EPI province supervisors (8) received refresher training on the use of new EPI reporting forms to ensure data quality continue to be improved.
  • EPI supportive supervision guideline and tools roll out to Province Level., 8 EPI supervisors from the six provinces and a new staff at EPI unit of Ministry of Health at National level received training the new supervision guidelines and how to conduct effective supervision and on the job training.
  • 66 out of 125 (52.8%) health facilities received supportive supervision visits from Province EPI supervisors in the first half of 2017. The focus of the supervision visits is on the area of cold chain equipment, vaccine management, planning and monitoring of EPI programs and safety injection.

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