• Health Sector Strategy 2017-2020 and associated policies are being implemented by the Ministry of Health and reflected in any Program planning.
  • Key strategic documentation for 2022 and beyond are established and enable business planning and budgeting for future years.
  • Directorates are aware of and compliant with Public Financial & Economic Management (PFEM) Act and its regulations.
  • Identification, auditing and recording of the Ministry's assets and financial liabilities.
  • Development partner funding and policies are aligned with those of the Ministry, and adherence to the requirements of Joint Partner Agreement (JPA).

Director General of Health Office

The office of the Director General is primarily responsible for the efficient and effective administrations of the overall functions of the Ministry of Health. The Office of the Director General seeks to:

  • Enhance coordination between the ministry cabinet, other ministries and the departments under the MOH.
  • Develop and review policies relating to the core activities of the ministry.
  • Undertake high level reviews/special projects/investigations across the activity areas of the ministry.
  • Provide advice to Directors on matters pertaining to the ministry operation and policy
  • Monitor and review the performance of the ministry against the agreed objectives and activities provided in the departmental business plan.
  • Ensure that departments carry out policies within their given budget and proposed revenue is collected.

Means of Service Delivery

  • Monitor and evaluate HSS deliverables on a quarterly basis and actively manage variances.
  • Provide guidance for to Directorates for delivery of health services and support functions.
  • Ensure staff understanding and compliance to Government and Ministry policy relating to reports and returns.
  • Co-ordinate development partner support to Health Sector through established working groups.
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on works progress against strategic documentation and annual business plans.
Vacant, Health Director General

Working Hours

Office Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM

Hospital/Emergency: 24/7


Ministry of Health Office

Phone: +(678) 22512 / +(678) 33080
VOIP: 2050

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