Family Planning Unit

 The RMNCAH unit under the National Family Health unit report 2017 provide summary of activities, deliverable, output and outcomes implemented in 2017 in line with the People’s plan 2030, HSS 2017-2020 and the RMNCAH policy document 2017-2020.

Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescent Health were the main focus or priorities of the unit working together with our development partners, implementing partners and the government in achieving the unit goals in 2017 such development and validation of the RMNCAH communication strategy, MNHC guideline validation workshop, Printings of MNCH guideline and TOT conducted, MIYCF and IMAM TOT, printing of MIYCF and IMAM guidelines, Family Planning(FP) guideline printing and trainings, PEMNET and Gynaecological including obstetric guidelines printing and trainings conducted.


The RMNCAH national program strategies and policy document 2017-2020 reprinting and distributions conducted. The PSRH conference was conducted that includes mostly regional and some international delegates. The ARM for RMNCAH was also conducted later in the year which included RMNCAH Coordinator’s and Provincial health managers, Public Health Program Heads and representatives from the development partners including the implementing partners.

Summary of Services

Family Health Unit (RMNCAH) under the department of public health mainly implement activities in relation with the health of mothers, adolescents, children and neonates at the policy and programming level.

The key functions that are carried out by the unit under routine conditions include:

  • Incorporate both the RMNCAH programs and its financial processes into the national health system so that it is part of the national health program.
  • Build capacity and support the national program team and the provincial health offices to undertake evidence based RMNCAH operational and business planning which includes preparations and organisations of annual review and planning meeting and other monitoring activities.
  • Development of annual technical business plan that determines different technical areas of need.
  • Facilitates and functions as secretariats to the National RMNCAH committee including implementing partner’s consultations.
  • Coordinate timely collections of data and reporting of RMNCAH implementing progresses, review and analyse progress reports and document findings.


Family Health (RMNCAH) unit objectives summary as on the 2017 business plan that were achieved and continually to be achieve were:

  • Development of integrated RMNCAH Communication strategy.
  • RMNCAH Policy document 2017-2018 printing and distributed.
  • Family planning guidelines printings and trainings
  • Procurement and distribution of family commodities.
  • Integrated supportive and outreach supervision conducted for RMNCAH activities.
  • YFSRH training manual including FLE curriculum development for schools with MOE.
  • Development, validation and printing of GBV guideline and TOT contacted.
  • MNHC documents developed, validate, printings and trainings conducted.
  • Conduct annual review meetings for RMNCAH program activities.

Means of Service Delivery

The objectives were achieved in 2017 through:

Consultation meetings, presentations and validations of the above policy documents and guidelines..

Conduct monthly oversight review for business plan from development partners and follow actions determined.

Provincial RMNCAH coordinators monthly progress reports and plan of actions.

Conducting trainings on guidelines developed and roll out trainings conducted in the provinces.

Conducting monthly RMNCAH national committee meeting that includes NGO’s and other implementing and development partners.

UNJP (UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA) monitoring and update of the UNJP Business Plan and constant inform to relevant implementing partners.

Working Hours

Office Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM

Hospital/Emergency: 24/7


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