Vanuatu College of Nursing Education

Summary of Services

VCNE is a registered government training institution which is regulated by the Vanuatu Nursing Council (VNC) and the Vanuatu Qualification Authority (VQA). It is therefore a recognized registered Post-Secondary Education and Training (PSET) for nurses training. It is managed through a Quality Management System (QMS) as required by the VQA which is subject to external audit. VCNE is managed by a Board consisting of technical experts representing the Office of the Director General, the clinical unit and scholarship unit (Ministry of Education).

The core function of the institution is to train and prepare qualify and adequate number of nurses in different categories to provide nursing services to the people of Vanuatu.

Key functions of the institution are:

  • quality management of the institution
  • management of students’ services
  • Provision of training and assessment


The following statement describes the objectives of VCNE business plan:

  • Conduct internal review of academic performance of the school by VCNE Internal Review Committee using VCNE approved tools to ensure quality training has been delivered.
  • Conduct internal audit of management performance of the institution by VCNE Internal Audit Committee using approved tools to ensure management requirements are applied with.
  • Conduct three VCNE board meetings linked into start and finish of academic semesters with participation from all VCNE board members.
  • Provide administrative support functions for the operations of VCNE, inclusive stationary procurement, other goods and services utilising GoV procurement systems
  • Provide administrative support in terms of utilities for the operations of VCNE,  utilising GoV procurement systems monthly and quarterly
  • Provide extra training facilities to cater for expansion of VCNE  nursing training programs,  utilising GoV procurement systems 
  • Conduct regular equipment and building inspection and  take necessary actions to correct faults
  • Conduct order for uniforms.
  • Under the guidance of the VCNE board conduct selection for VCNE training courses for year 2017 including interview at 4 selected sites in Port Vila and three provincial sites from July  2017
  • Established annual training and assessment plan for midwifery and nursing programs by January 2017 to support VCNE training programs
  • Conduct training for 38 Year 1, 35Yr 2, 29 Year 2 Nursing students  in Port Vila as part of VQA qualified course, with students attaining a pass mark of 60% or higher for all modules
  • Conduct training for 15 midwifery students in Port Vila and community midwifery experience in seven health centres as part of VQA qualified course, with students attaining a pass mark of 60% or higher for all terminal objectives, with graduation to occur in July 2017
  • Conduct community nursing experience for final year students and community introduction to year 1 students in selected health centres and communities in various provinces by end of October 2017 under the supervision of Nurse practitioners in charge of health
  • Provide supportive supervision to final year students doing community experience in selected health facilities by end of September 2017.
  • VQA work in collaboration with established VQA Health and community Services Industry skills Council committee and VCNE to conduct review of training packages for pre-service training  program  with participation from  VCNE and other VCNE stakeholders
  • Conduct inspection of VCNE assets and inventory and register all no-registered assets by January 2017.
  • Conduct procurement of training specialised (clinical) equipment required for provision of nursing and midwifery training courses through GoV system received within expected timeframes using domestic and international suppliers.
  • Conduct procurement of Koha library research tool connection Phase 3 and internet, for increased availability of technical information to students, to be established by June 2017
  • Establish VCNE staff development plan with support through finance and training opportunities, reflective of position and development requirement of individuals for implementation throughout 2017
  • Request contracts for 2 external tutors being provided through development partner funding until December 2017 and recruit two new local trainers
  • Maintain VCNE Quality Management System
  • Manage VCNE Operations
  • Review and Conduct Accredited Training programmes
  • Establish adequately trained human resources to support or provide training at VCNE

Means of Service Delivery

  • Conduct a regular oversight of school management to inform the Director General office and improve the quality management system that includes VCNE management, services provide to students and training and assessment.
  • Provide administrative support to VCNE operations
  • Provision of quality training in nursing and midwifery programs
  • Approval of reviewed courses of nursing and midwifery programs by the Vanuatu Qualification Authority
  • Improve VCNE trainer qualification and maintenance of trainer/student ratio to meet requirement standards for quality training.

Working Hours

Office Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM

Hospital/Emergency: 24/7


Ministry of Health Office

Phone: +(678) 22512 / +(678) 33080
VOIP: 2050

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