Health Promotion Unit

The prime roles and functions of the unit’s core programs such as:

(1) Review, development and dissemination of IEC materials

(2) Implementation of one of its biggest program –VHW was on schedule

(3) Oral Health Hygiene School Program on schedule

(4)  Primary Eye Care Program

(5) ENT Program unfortunately these programs do not have focal points in the Unit and so in consultation with the clinical services –VCH, an integrated PH & Clinical Programs had been provided to school children under the Health Promoting School (HPS) partnership with the Ministry of Education

(6) Finalization of Healthy Island Policy 2018 -2020 and finally (7)  The conduct of the annual Health Care Fellowship held in Nduindui HC for all South East of Ambae –another successful milestones since its inception in November 2007.

Summary of Services

As mentioned above the following are the core programs of the Unit:

  • Management and Administration of the Unit
  • Production and Distribution of IEC Materials
  • Oral Health and outreach programs in Schools
  • Village Health Worker Program
  • Clearing House for all development and review of IEC materials from other sources


  • All HPU Staff Performance appraisal completed
  • Develop and distribute third edition of national IEC package
  • Annual Business Plan 2018 Developed
  • Primary health Care and Health Island Policy reviewed
  • Produce Annual Report for 2016 produced
  • Appointment of national VHWP coordinator as outlined under current MOH HR structure
  • Appointment 3 instead of 6 VHWP provincial coordinators
  • Conducted VHWP national coordination meetings
  • Conducted In-Service Trainings for 38 Village Health Workers
  • Conduct supervisory visits for healthy clinics at Aid post level
  • Maintain the Health Promoting School Initiative on Efate Island
  • Established outreach activities through Health care Fellowship annual program
  • Shipment of Tooth Brushes in all six provinces
  • Conducted community awareness on all World Health Events using radio media
  • NCD - PEN Management and Care program have been transferred to NCD Unit

Means of Service Delivery

  • Conduct review of final draft of Health Islands Policy with participation of Provincial Health Managers including review of HI IEC Package 3rd Edition
  • Distribution of key health messages for TC Dona and Manaro volcano eruption
  • Facilitate clearing house for numerous development and review of IEC materials
  • All PH awareness implemented through a yearly radio program –total of 5 conducted
  • Support joint planning exercises across Environmental Health initiatives and Non communicable diseases  on tobacco legislation and revised regulations and NCD screening at national and provincial level
  • Conduct VHW PST training this activity is outsourced to external provider – on progress
  • Conduct VHW IST -6 IST conducted with average 15 participants across all 6 provinces.
  • Three VHW Newsletter developed –only 2 disseminated
  • Conduct of PH integrated services (Oral Health, ENT, Eye Care and Body Mass Index Check) in 3 urban schools (Seaside Community School; Centre Ville School and Ecole Ste Jeanne D’Arc School)1899 school children received this service
  • Distribution of toothbrushes (400 toothbrushes per cartons x five cartons/province ) sent to all six provincial education offices for distribution in all schools
  • Special VAN 2017 program total of 8000 copies of IEC materials (health tips for athletes and posters on tobacco regulations and food safety control) were distributed including 14,440 pieces of condoms supplied

Working Hours

Office Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM

Hospital/Emergency: 24/7


Ministry of Health Office

Phone: +(678) 22512 / +(678) 33080
VOIP: 2050

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