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Planning and coordination for better health outcomes

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Health service delivery, everywhere

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Addressing ongoing health needs of vulnerable populations

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Our vision is to have an integrated and decentralized health system that promotes an effective, efficient and equitable health services for the good health and general wellbeing of all people in Vanuatu

The mission of the MOH is to protect and promote the health of all people in Vanuatu.

In seeking to achieve this mission the Ministry of Health strives to uphold the followings as values for the achievement of its mission and vision.

Consumer focus is the first priority and concern, in the provision of healthcare.

Irrespective of culture, ethnicity, location, disability, age, gender, religious and political affiliation, all clients must be treated as equal, and according to their health needs.

All our healthcare activities will pursue high quality outcomes using safe and affordable interventions and the application of science and technology to maximize benefits to health while minimizing risks.

We commit to the highest ethical standards in the provision of care and will strive constantly for improvement.

We will be cost – conscious, and aim to avoid wasting resources by achieving value for money.

The Ministry of Health is in the process of establishing a new Health Sector Strategy (HSS) 2017 – 2020, to provide a context that will guide Departmental efforts, linked to the National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP) of the Government. The four main health policy objectives as set out in the NSDP under Society Pillar 3.1 are as follows:

  • Ensuring that the population has equitable access to affordable, quality health care through a fair distribution of health facilities that are suitably resourced and equipped
  • Reducing the incidence (and impact) of NCD and communicable diseases
  • Improving population health and well-being by promoting healthy life style choices and health seeking behaviour
  • Building health sector management capacity and systems to deliver efficient and effective delivery of quality health services aligned with national directives.

This will be achieved through adherence to some guiding principles in the development of strategic and operational plans:

  • Universal health coverage – ensuring that all citizens have equitable access to affordable health care, including emergency, curative and rehabilitative services.
  • Primary health care is the foundation of the health system and remains the core strategy for addressing most health issues.
  • The needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations must be addressed.
  • Responsibility for health requires multi-sectoral collaboration – including partnerships with other government agencies, development partners, NGOs, the private sector, civil society.
  • Active community engagement is important in encouraging communities and individuals to assume responsibility for their own health.
  • Evidence based practice must inform health service planning, development and delivery. In turn, monitoring and evaluation of Health service delivery is essential for building the knowledge base to guide future service development.

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