Central Medical Store

Summary of Services

The department deals mainly with the Procurement, Storage & Distribution of All Medical Supplies coming into the country. Medical Supplies are basically Pharmaceuticals (drugs & non drugs) plus accessories and the Allied Health component – Laboratory, X ray & Dental consumables. Management of the Pharmaceutical Stock inventory management system is currently from the mSupply software system for both the CMS sites and 4 provincial pharmacy sites. Freight & logistics management of incoming supplies from overseas – recurrent & Donor is also a vital component. For Vaccines, the department only funds procurement & services via the Vaccine Independent Initiative (VII) program – UNICEF pooled procurement of vaccines for eleven Pacific Island Countries.

  • Bulk Supplies were purchased as per the G1601 Contract between MoH & respective Supplier (contract for 24 month period i.e. August 2016 to July 2018).
  • Additional Bulk Orders from Standing Offer Agreement’s (SOA) between both parties from fixed costs pertained from G1601 contract for those preferred suppliers only. With overall cost of each order not exceeding the MFEM guidelines on RFQ orders.
  • A re extension of G1407 contract for a period of 12 months was approved & SOA’s orders were placed with suppliers against these costs with each orders not exceeding MFEM guidelines for orders.
  • RFQ’s were also placed for one off urgent orders on a need to need basis. Specialized Orders – requests from Consultants & Doctors on line items not in EDL
  • One off orders on Bio medical devices/Medical equipment & others on a need by need basis –mostly from Theatre department, Eye care program.
  • Orders from programs with MOA/MOU with MoH e.g. cervical cancer program etc....
  • Aid in Forecasting & quantification process of Donor funded consumables throughout the year by way of quarterly reports
  • CMS Vila & CMS sub center Luganville: The 2 monthly Pharmaceutical Supply orders from National down to the provincial pharmacies
  • CMS Vila: Regular bulk supplies orders from CMS Vila to Satellite store at NPH, Luganville (40% of the bulk supplies confirmed receipt from overseas is designated for satellite store).
  • CMS Vila: The 2 monthly Pharmaceutical orders to Malampa outer islands – Paama & Ambrym (freight & logistics not possible from Malekula to these sites).
  • CMS Vila: Regular bulk distribution of Allied health Supplies from focal Cell VCH to Provincial hospital sites after confirmation of receipt on overseas supplies).
  • CMS Vila & CMS sub center Luganville: Urgent order twice weekly distribution of Pharmaceutical & Allied Health supplies by air to the provincial sites – Tuesdays & Fridays.
  • CMS Vila: Bulk urgent order request, distributed by sea for both Pharmaceutical & Allied Health supplies to provincial sites
  • CMS Vila: Distribution of Aid in kind supplies donated to MoH to the lower service delivery points on a regular basis by sea.
  • CMS Vila & CMS sub center Luganville: distribution of Medical Supplies (Pharmaceuticals) to NGO & other service providers that do have an MOU/MOA with the MoH e.g. Butterfly Trust, Marine Reach, US volunteers etc....
  • CMS Vila: The management of freight & logistics of incoming supplies from overseas via recurrent & Donor funding. By way of hiring Clearance officer to aid in Clearance plus Casual workers for uplift of incoming Medical Supplies at both Depot Sea & Air to Site (CMS Vila).
  • CMS Vila & CMS sub center Luganville: Management of distribution & logistics from national (CMS Vila & NPH) to local depot – wharf & airport.
  • Uplift of incoming supplies from Depot (wharf/airport) & storage at the focal site (CMS Vila)
  • Regular management of onsite stock supplies – biannual stock take & weekly random stock take.
  • Day to day management of department & its Assets
  • Management of casual labourer at both sites –
  • Supply chain management of All Medical Supplies – Supervisory Visits, stationeries – manual ordering booklets, LMIS (M supply) & IT issues and the Allied health supply chain component
  • CMS personnel – PSC staff performance appraisal, work plans etc...
  • Regular monthly reporting by individual cell within department.
  • Management of the LMIS – mSupply utilized by the department (sites in Vila & NPH satellite store) plus 4 provincial sites.

Role and Key Functions

  • Establish an annual procurement plan that is in line with MFEM procurement guidelines so as to ensure readily available quality medical supplies & diagnostic tools + reagents be available at all times for utilization at all service delivery points throughout the country.
  • To Strengthen and coordinate the management and distribution of all medical Supplies along the Supply Chain in order to maintain appropriate level of supplies at all times..
  • Improve reporting within department against each annual Appraisal & work plan format for each individual cells & staff.
  • Maintain and regulate expenditure to not exceed original budget provided for to be utilized by department - as per Business Plan.
  • Continue to maintain the department’s fixed Assets for both sites.
  • Management of incoming Medical Supplies (from overseas) by way of strengthening clearance processes in a timely manner in order to avoid financial liabilities from freight & storage.
  • Improve the quality of reporting back to Donor partners via the Quarterly reporting template in order to ensure the availability of these line supplies down at the SDP’s.
  • Maintain an annual purchasing process between donor partner and the department with regards to the Vanuatu VII –UNICEF pooled procurement mechanism with the PIC’s vaccines.
  • Provide support by way of procurement of specialized/thematic area Orders

Means of Service Delivery

  • Improve relationships between national and provincial pharmaceutical sector through continuous regular communication and meetings held.
  • Secure sufficient fund to conduct supervisory visits to at least 3 provincial pharmacies in a year.
  • Provision of monthly CMS, provincial pharmacies’ reports to cost managers, MoH executives and developing partners.
  • Re-establishment of a robust governance structure within the NDTC and PPC to improve the regularity of meetings conducted.
  • Continuous updating and analysis of the information input onto the Tupaia dashboard within the Tupaia website.
  • Secure budgeted fund for smooth running and maintenance of mSupply software.
  • Establish sites that need training to resolve pharmaceutical issues raised and to capacity build the medical officers in their respective health facilities.

Working Hours

Office Open Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM

Hospital/Emergency: 24/7


Ministry of Health Office

Phone: +(678) 22512 / +(678) 33080
VOIP: 2050

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